Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is really two cities: Buda and Pest. Built by the Celts in the first century B.C., Budapest was originally called Ak Ink,meaning “spring rich in water.” … Now, the Danube River divides the two towns that are really one: Buda + Pest = Budapest.

The very first bridge was the Chain Bridge between Buda and Pest is 145 years old and sadly (or luckily) getting an entire renovations. I always (!!!) loved walking over the bridge, sitting on the chains while sipping wine, watching the people passing by and listen to that many different languages, shooting in ever-possible-angles this beautiful brides & grooms, preggo mommies, couple in love, families and so on. Show  my friends who visiting us aboard, how magical is that entire Architecture connecting Buda and Pest. The light makes me so so happy, that I can not stop taking pictures any time of the day.

I truly encouraging everybody who lives in Budapest or will visit the next months, you should really go and enjoy the bridge until is to late. I always say, the images are for your children and grandchildren. From my own experience over two decades, I KNOW that my children, family and friends appreciate those very cool pictures taken with a cell phone or professionally, brings joy and fuzziness in your heart!

Fun facts: The width of the Danube required building a suspension bridge.Two vaulted stone pillars hold the robust iron structure that weights nearly 5,200 tons. The bridge is 375 metres long and 16 meters wide. The span between the pillars measures 202 metres. Two stone lion statues guard both bridgeheads. According to the story, the sculptor, Marschalko János forgot to carve out the lions’ tongues.A boy made a remark about it at the opening ceremony. The sculptor became so distressed that he jumped off the bridge into the Danube.

I would like to share a few fave images form my 5 year journey in Budapest, hope you can feel the love and the incredible view.