I am a huge, huge fan of Indian weddings. To me the Indian tradition, the way how the people celebrate the marriage is unbelievably fascinating. The colours, the food, the dace, the kindness is something very special to me. To photograph an Indian wedding in India is a privildge to get included with the family and the local amazing vendors .  When I heard about Rima and Vasco wedding location and the guest list I KNEW it will be one spectacular wedding-weekend-extravagaza in India. Rima is from Mumbai, Vasco is form the Netherlands and found each other in Kabul.


“Among the many pre-wedding events that occur prior to the Hindu, Punjabi, and Gujurati wedding ceremonies, the Sangeet is where the party begins. The word Sangeet translates to ‘sung together’ from Sanskrit. ‘Gaun’, another word used to describe the event, means ‘songs’ or ‘to sing’ in Hindi. Traditionally celebrated in the Punjab regions of India, this ceremony has been adopted by many other regions as a form of celebration for the wedding to come. The event is formally known to comprise of only female attendees from both sides of the family, however modern times allow for men to join in on the fun too. Unlike religious ceremonies such as the Haldi or portions of the wedding ceremony, the Sangeet is solely conducted to relish in the happiness and joy surrounding the couple.”

Wedding Planer, the wonderful Candice www.marrymeweddings.in

Location: www.avanilaya.com