Oh God, I don’t even know where to start…I met Flora & Peter perhaps 3 years ago in a wine tasting session/Birthday party in the middle of nowhere in Hungary and only winemakers were invited to kick off the big day. Long story short, He gets in touch with me in January to help planing the “perfect” proposal for the girl who he loves since 7 years. Capri is THE best for this and I was more than happy to be apart and research for the jaw-dropping proposal scene.

Capri Surprise Engagement Photography

Capri is more than you can imagine. The tiny island is full of nice local people with their own made limoncello products and high-end hotels.  We picked the perfect location for Flora’s proposal, which was much research on the phone, google earth and such. After I was climbing tausend of steps in 30C, knew it that will be Faraglioni because the scenery is just amazeballs! Of course, Flora didn’t know anything about that and after she completely broke down in tears in happiness, she had to quick change in the very stylish hotel  (while I enjoyed my Aperol) and we shot in the middle of the beautiful center of Capri until the sun sets. Take a look and enjoy the cute couple in this romantic scenery.