I am passionate about being a Mallorca, Spain-based wedding and lifestyle photographer, and I’ve been capturing treasured moments in film for my entire life.  I can’t remember a time when I didn’t want to go run and grab my camera to capture life’s moments, from the big ones to the mundane.

As a little girl, I vividly recall when my Dad’s friend, probably the first professional photographer I ever met, would come to take family portraits. This was a huge deal in our family, especially to me, who would show up to the photoshoot with my boy haircut and huge black-framed glasses (that’s me, the shortie checking out her birthday cake in the black and white photograph to the left). I couldn’t have been more excited to appear in front of his gigantic camera, I suppose because it made me feel so close to my family. Just our togetherness, captured on film, affirmed me so deeply.


Even back then, I was obsessed with composition, and natural light:

  • what should captured in the image?
  • where were the best natural light sources?
  • what should be at the center of the frame?
  • what could be omitted?

I chased the perfect light, adjusting window treatments light sources like a miniature photographer’s assistant. Thank goodness everyone involved let me help out, and my budding interest turned into my passion.

International Wedding Photographer Helga Schaefer

My passion has persisted to the meticulous work I do today with bridal photography, family photography, engagement photography and wedding photography in the magical island of Mallorca, Spain. I appreciate how light brings beauty and an ethereal quality to the weddings I shoot, and to my subjects. My happiest moment is hearing from the couple after they seen the gallery for the first time: the feelings of joy and elation at re-living the intimate moments with her groom and the rest of her wedding party on her wedding day. If I take her breath away, I count myself successful. I put my passion and my heart’s work into capturing these moments and the energy between people who are in love. The special relationship I form with the couples and families who hire me is one of my most valued benefits of this work.

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The organic, photojournalistic style of photography I use takes advantage of the natural light, organic locations, and fresh air available in Mallorca, Spain where I am based. Brides and families the world over are choosing Mallorca, Spain for their destination weddings and it’s no wonder: there is so much natural beauty on the magical island of Mallorca. I know the ins and outs of the local area, how to photograph it best, hidden coves and beaches where I’ve gotten some amazing shots in the past and how to give you a one-of-a-kind experience on your special day.

Contact me, Helga Shaefer, to learn more about my photography services for your Mallorca wedding, and to schedule your wedding photography consultation today.