Peter found me through Instagram and planned his Wedding Engagement trip to Mallorca, Spain around my schedule. How about that? These two lovebirds have a story that goes back to their teenage years. After many years, they reconnected and fell in love all over again. She is sweet as could be, and Peter adores her every moment!

Our Mallorca Spain Wedding Engagement Photography Session started in Port Andratx by the port, since Peter is a pro fisher. We finished our session in Palma/Nassau Beach for the sunset shoot because that is my absolute favorite location.

It is my privilege and pleasure to act as “guide” to many couples visiting Mallorca for destination weddings, wedding engagement photography, vacation photography and more. Over the years I have scouted out the many beautiful locations that work best as a backdrop for people in love. My years of experience give me a knack for catching the light and tides at their best, so my wedding and engagement photography on Mallorca, Spain truly captures the joy and beauty, the essence of being here. It’s easy to do with subjects like these!

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