I could start that blogpost how much I love that family, blah blah blah …BUT, Nora and Zsolt is one of my favourite people on earth! I met them 5 years ago right after my beautiful friend Julie Lim shot their wedding in Budapest. Nora got pregnant with Emma and two years later with Dominik. I am  lucky enough to document the little family growing together ever since. Emma is THE cutest, easy going and funniest little girl, she totally got the hang on me how I shoot and giving her directions. Dominik is the splitted images of Zsolt who is the most genuen man who I got to know so far.

2016 summer we just hang out in Budapest midtown around the Andrassy Street and tried to bribe Emma withe every possible ice cream stands, picking car colours, blowing bubbles and such, but finally got the most amazing images for the Family collection.

2017 Summer were easier! Got know Dominik the cutest little boy who was 2 months old by than and Emma loved taking pictures with me and just have fun in the park. 

2018 January started off with Emma and Dominik again and couldn’t be more excited to photograph them in my studio in Budapest! ( I mean the natural light just killing it).The family Collection is growing and that makes my heart burst big time!!!!! I always telling the parents, those images are for the children and grandchildren and we are totally responsible to keep memories alive!