In addition to the many couples I shoot as a Mallorca, Spain wedding photographer, I am also sought out by couples who choose this romantic location for their engagement photos. Izabella and Zoltan chose Valldemossa, one of the most quintessential Mallorcan countryside locations known for its food and tradition. Valldemossa is best-known for its famous Royal Charterhouse of Valldemossa, built at the beginning of the 14th century. This picturesque landmark is a favorite of many couples in love, because it makes an incredible backdrop.

Mallorca Spain Wedding Engagement Photography

Wouldn’t you agree that this is an incredible setting for two people so obviously in love? Being in Valldemossa on Mallorca, Spain feels like taking a step back in time. For people in love, the classic, timeless look of the countryside feels like a fairytale for their wedding or engagement photography. Being there with friends, family or just each other is a something special. Many of these couples write me after their destination wedding, honeymoon or engagement trip telling me that they will remember and treasure their experience for their entire lives. Having the opportunity to take couples to inspiring settings like these is a gratifying part of my career as a Mallorca Spain Wedding photographer.

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