This lovely couple was one of my cutest and most interesting couples who impressed me with their deep, loving relationship living apart from each other for 8 years now.

Palma Couple Session, Mallorca Lifestyle Photography

They have been married for four years and only spend two years of it actually living together. They moved 5 times and this October after 13 months will be the first time that Jimmy will be home for Christy’s birthday. He is serving in Afganistan for the United States Army where he is ranked as a Captain and he has been serving almost 11 years now. After seeing each other since 10 months Christy organized a cruise through Italy and Spain, Mallorca was the last stop and they wanted to document some memories of the reunion.  We enjoyed Palmas architecture and the amazing  Cathedral by the seaside and of course, Nassau beach was a refreshing end to the shoot.

Thank you, Christy and Jimmy, for the good talk and lots of laughs, I hope our path will cross soon.